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IBIL Global has the expertise to understand the Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity and Value of your data. We help you build Big Data solutions that will enable your cost reduction initiatives, optimize the decision making and identify new products and services – without getting into Big Data Envy troubles.

The next generation solutions around data should provide insights, find correlations and explore patterns by examining heterogeneous data from a variety of sources. The Big Data solutions prepare you for the future as the data explosion is to continue at an exponential rate, with Internet of Things (IoT) platforms adding to the opportunities.

IBIL Global offers highly scalable solutions on Big Data over SaaS/IaaS platforms – over stream computing and batch processing


We cover the latest technologies that are in trend to provide our customers the best of valuable service


We offer services in Big Data for a wide range of areas in SaaS/IaaS platform

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Big Data Analytics

IBIL Global helps you build advanced Business Intelligence solutions to reduce maintenance costs, avoid process failures and improving business operations

Data Integration and Management

IBIL Global provides solution for handling data from a variety of sources are stored to secured data warehouses. The data is harmonized to be available for trend, predictive and prescriptive analysis.

Data integration
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Data Discovery

IBIL Global leverages Big Data frameworks and visualization tools to harness the data and use it to identify business opportunities. This helps to discover behavior patterns of your customers, innovation of new products and services, targeted marketing and improved processes.

Product Development

IBIL Global partnership enables you with product development in Big Data and IoT platforms