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Generative AI

Health care Services

We feed the data from medical systems to AI algorithms to create smart CIOMS with crucial data regarding drug interactions, side effects, and adverse reactions from the journal and generates a Case report.

HR Workforce Management – Resume Search

Our AI Generative system processes multiple resumes to generate customized outputs aligned with specific queries, enhancing the accuracy of candidate selection. Additionally, we offer the option to extract selected details in a convenient table view format for easy review and comparison.

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Mobile Application Development

Mobile based Customer Acquisition System for an Insurance company


Web Application Development

Single customer view for a Wholesale Dealer company

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Product Analytics/Reporting solution for a retailer


Biometric Authentication System

Cyber Security

Web Application Security Assessment for a leading international service provider for the oil and Gas industry

Data Warehouse

Data warehouse analytics solution for a large institution

Digital Identity Verification

Digital Identity verification for a fast growing community-driven marketplace for
plant-based medicines that utilizes blockchain technology

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