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Case Study

Implementation of Data Warehouse and Analytics Solution for a Large Institution


Non-Profit in the Twin Cities wanted to implement a Data Warehouse and Analytics solution to be able to consolidate data from hundreds of colleges and institutions in order to perform analytics to identify students who were at the most risk of dropping out of college, so timely coaching and intervention conversations could be made with the student in order to assist and aid the student in staying in college. As data would be coming from hundreds of sources from many different ERPs and college management systems, the challenge was to develop a robust solution that would provide scalability at the same time provide high performance and high accuracy, with ease of management of existing and new colleges that would be onboarded. Additionally, the non-profit forecasted thousands of colleges would need to be onboarded in the future, so the solution had to be “future proofed”.  


IBIL offered solution to implement Snowflake Data Lake in a greenfield environment configuration, along with an ELT tool (Tal end) to load data from hundreds of sources into Snowflake, and developed Power BI analytics and integration of analytics results into the client CRM (Sales Force). End-to-end services provided for this client included implementation of Snowflake, and IBIL’s proprietary Integration Orchestration Framework ®, Data Validation Framework ® and Data Copy Accelerator ®