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In a fast changing world where expertise can be defined in many different ways, IBIL defines domain expertise as knowledge, experience and competence that have been acquired through a consistent track record of successful projects accomplished in various domain areas. We have end-to-end software product development expertise in domains such as storage, embedded systems, networking, virtualization, cloud computing and enterprise applications. IBIL’s deep and broad experience extends to almost every layer of the infrastructure technology stack. Our approach is to utilize a team of domain experts to work collaboratively to meet the customer’s product specifications and designs. This enables us to ensure that we deliver solutions that actually meet customer expectations and in the shortest possible time.


We cover the latest technologies that are in trend to provide our customers the best of valuable service

Why IBIL Products?



The IBIL PV software will support drug safety business processes from an easy-to-understand user interface and provide deep and integrated safety functionality with capability to scale to millions of cases and easily align with the available safety and business processes. We have made our solution unbeatable through deep domain understanding, detailed process knowledge and extensive industry experience.

IBIL - Intelli CP

Intelli CP

IBIL-IntelliCP evolved out of the necessity to scale-up the existing framework to customize and tune techniques that fit a variety of tasks, including document classification, tuned concept extraction for specific conditions, patient classification, and information retrieval related to the patient, history, disease manifestation, details of laboratory tests, prescribed interventions, and outcomes and much more.